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Included with the venue rental, The Barn at Fiddle Dee Farms provides white padded folding chairs for your ceremony, reception,

or event, 60" round tables, 6' and 8' rectangle tables, elegant white wrinkled taffeta tablecloths, and Venue Manager. 

In addition we offer in-house rental items and services that can be added onto any event or wedding package for an upcharge.


The following items are available to enhance your day:

*In-house Photography by Lauren Elizabeth Photography

*Wedding Planner

*Day of Coordinator

*Parking Attendants

*Billowed Ceiling Drapery

*Draped Center Sides

*Draped Pergolas

*Décor Rentals



The Barn at Fiddle Dee Farms has the capacity to service up to 297 guests inside our beautiful place, and an additional 250 outside on The Gathering Terrace.  Some restrictions may apply in each space.



The Barn at Fiddle Dee Farms requires a signed contract along with a $3,000 deposit to secure a date.



We schedule tours for inquiries by appointment only during business hours from 10am-7pm on Monday-Thursdays and 9am-2pm  on Fridays and Saturdays if The Barn does not have guests in at that time.  Sunday from 1pm-3pm may be available if you cannot make any of the above times.



The Barn at Fiddle Dee Farms can place a "courtesy hold" on one date of interest for up to one week.  However, if another client wants to book that date during the time of hold, we give you a chance to place the date under contract before we allow the interested party to contract the date being held.



Clients are required to bring in their own alcohol including beer, wine and liquor.  Licensed bartenders are available through us.  Cash bars are not permitted.  Event Insurance covering alcohol is required.



Capturing and conducting your wedding with excellence is what we do at The Barn.  Lauren Elizabeth Photography is our in-house photographers that can bring your incredible moments to life again and again.  Book through us and receive a special discount for our clients only.  Check out their work at



The Barn at Fiddle Dee Farms provides a Preferred Vendor List to booked clients only.  Clients are not limited to using our preferred vendors.  


Upon signing with The Barn at Fiddle Dee Farms, you will be provided a Bridal Magazine that has  the Preferred Vendor List along with other pertinent information.  Some other information such as Lodging information is provided.  These are not Preferred Recommendations, but rather general local information for your convenience.



We have you covered with seating up to 297 indoors in case of inclement weather.  We also have a covered 12' x 40' front porch Veranda for any overflow needs during raining days.  In addition, The Barn at Fiddle Dee Farms allows for tenting on our property.



If client cancels for any reason, The Barn at Fiddle Dee Farms retains all payments made.  If date is cancelled in three month time frame before wedding, client will be held responsible for entire balance due unless it is in the event of a life and death emergency.



The Barn at Fiddle Dee Fams does not schedule more than one event per rental period and clients receive full access to the property including The Barn at Fiddle Dee Farms, The Gathering Terrace, The Hang-Out Pavilion, the Starlit Stage and lawn spaces during their rental period.



We do not provide any property security.  The Barn at Fiddle Dee Farms is not responsible for lost or stolen items.  Although we do not require additional security, we encourage you to have a close family member or friend gather anything of value and place in a secure location.



Wedding clients receive a 1-hour rehearsal block scheduled Monday-Thursday the week before the wedding or clients can opt to receive one additionial hour the day of the wedding and do their rehearsal then.



The Barn at Fiddle Dee Farms does not provide on-site accommodations.  Hotel information within a 20 minute commute can be found in our Bridal Magazine.



You can find Preferred Vendors for catering in our Bridal Magazine, however, you are free to choose whatever caterer you

would like.


The Barn at Fiddle Dee Farms allows for fire-burning candles as long as they are housed in a glass container.  Because red wine stains both cement and tablecloths if spilled, red wine is allowed to be served for a toast only.  In order to protect the beautiful finishes on our walls, please see your Venue Contract to see what you can and cannot use to hang decorations in our Venue.



The Barn at Fiddle Dee Farms allows for sparklers, thrown petals and Bubbles.  However, if you are using Sparklers, you must bring a large container of sand for your guests to extinguish and place their sparkler in.  All other exit items not listed above must be pre-approved.  In addition, all exit items must be completely cleaned up, both inside and out, before leaving the grounds.



If you are a wedding client, The Barn at Fiddle Dee Farms provides access to the venue for a period of 12 hours.  The client can choose their start time.  Additional time may be purchased.  All other events are quoted on a case by case basis.



The Barn at Fiddle Dee Farms allows for indoor and outdoor music.  However, at 10pm, the acquired music may be asked to adjust the level of sound for courtesy to our neighbors.  The sound adjustment request by FDF will be a requirement not a suggestion and must be adhered to by your vendor.



We are a farm.  We love animals!  However, many people are not comfortable around pets.  Your pet is allowed for use in the ceremony and for pictures.  However, we ask that it is supervised at all times, waste collected, and then removed from areas where guests are once the festivities have begun.



The Barn at Fiddle Dee Farms complies with the Americans Disabilities Act of 1990 meeting the standards set to accommodate entry into The Barn, and restroom facilties requirements.

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